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Solar Inverter
A solar inverter is a device that converts the direct current (DC) produced by solar panels into alternating current (AC) which is used in households and businesses. It is an essential component of a solar energy system as it allows solar power to be used in everyday applications.
Wall Mounted Lithium Battery
Lithium battery is a rechargeable battery, which can be charged and discharged many times, and is mainly used to store the electric energy output by the inverter. It has the characteristics of green environmental protection and relatively long service life.
Photovoltaic Panel
Photovoltaic panels can convert the sun's light energy into DC power, which has the characteristics of high energy quality and reliable power supply system.
Solar Inverter Applications and Uses
Optical storage integration is committed to meeting the demand for electricity in different Powerx solar inverter designs, so that green power can benefit thousands of businesses and households with Powerx inverter - China solar inverter wholesale supplier.
  • Residential
    Powerx solar inverters are used in residential areas to convert DC power from batteries or solar panels into AC power to run household appliances.
  • Commercial
    In commercial settings, Powerx solar inverters are used to power large machines and equipment, such as HVAC systems.
  • Home Smart Energy
    The home power grid and the public power grid are interconnected to provide a better electricity experience and ensure the uninterrupted operation of household appliances.
  • Intelligent O & M
    Intelligent component controller can realize component-level remote power generation monitoring and management, and ensure the personal and property safety of operation and maintenance personnel.

About PowerX Solar Inverter Manufacturer

Power X is a global industry leader in household energy storage and solar energy. With the vision of "focusing on the future",China Powerx inverter maker is committed to creating sustainable new energy solutions and developing a clean and inclusive new ecosystem of electricity for global users.
  • Corporate Mission

    Let solar energy enter every family in the world, and let everyone enjoy the convenience brought by solar energy.

  • Corporate Vision

    Take the customer as the center, fully consider problems from the customer's standpoint, and provide services and products around the customer's needs.

  • Core Values

    Innovative, scientific, efficient, pragmatic, professional and innovative.

  • Company Quality Policy

    To survive by quality, to develop by quality, and to benefit from quality.

I recently upgraded to the Power X solar inverter and I am very happy with my decision. The inverter is incredibly efficient and has helped me to significantly reduce my energy costs. I appreciate the fact that it is designed to be compatible with a wide range of solar panels and other energy systems, which makes it a versatile solution for any household. The customer service team at Power X was also very helpful in answering all of my questions and ensuring that the installation process went smoothly. Overall, I would definitely recommend the Power X solar inverter to anyone looking for a reliable and cost-effective energy solution.

Powergreen CEO

Power X Ltd has provided me with a perfect solution, and the after-sales service is very timely, professional and fast.

Eduardo Kuperstein

I recently purchased the Power X solar inverter for my home and I have been incredibly impressed with its performance. The installation process was seamless and the product itself is very user-friendly. The inverter has exceeded my expectations in terms of efficiency and reliability, and I have already noticed a significant decrease in my energy bills. The sleek design of the Power X solar inverter also adds a modern touch to my home. Overall, I highly recommend the Power X solar inverter to anyone looking for a high-quality, efficient, and reliable solar inverter.

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