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POWER X is a global industry leader in household energy storage and clean energy. With the vision of "focusing on the future", it is committed to creating sustainable new energy solutions and developing a clean and inclusive new electricity ecosystem for global users. 

The company has a number of product-related patents, improves the competitiveness of the product industry, meets the product requirements of high-end engineering projects, and is the industry leader. The company has a professional production line, an excellent research and development team, and uses the world's leading technology to ensure stable and high-quality product performance. It has successively obtained EU CE certification, TUV certification and VDE certification. The company has an international standard production workshop and modern laboratory, and has a professional research and development, production and team.

Company Culture
  • Enterprise Objectives
    Enterprise Objectives

    Let solar energy enter every family in the world, and let everyone enjoy the convenience brought by solar energy.

  • Enterprise Purpose
    Enterprise Purpose

    take customers as the center, fully consider problems from the customers' standpoint, and provide services and products around customers' needs.

  • Enterprise Values
    Enterprise Values

    innovation, science, efficiency, pragmatism, professionalism and breakthrough

  • Enterprise Quality Policy
    Enterprise Quality Policy

    survival, development and benefit from quality.

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