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540W Monocrystalline Photovoltaic Panel

This high-efficiency panel delivers maximum power output, making it perfect for residential and commercial use. Built with advanced monocrystalline technology, it offers superior performance and a longer lifespan. With easy installation and low maintenance, this panel is an ideal choice for renewable energy solutions. Choose Power X for your next commercial pv panels needs.

Specification of 540W Monocrystalline Photovoltaic Panel

  • Brand:Shanergy

  • Model: SN (540-555)-144M

  • Maximum power: 555W

  • Size: 2279*1134*35mm

  • Number of batteries: 144 pieces (22*6) / 182*91mm

  • Weight: 27.5kg

  • Efficiency: 21.47%

  • Glass: 3.2mm high-transmission coated glass

  • Back panel: White KPF

  • Frame: Silver anodized aluminum alloy

  • Junction box: IP68

  • Cable: 4mm2, 400mm length (custom length available)

  • Connector: MC4 compatible (MC4 original available)

  • Fusing current: 20A

  • Package: 31 pieces/tray, 620 pieces/40ft high cabinet

  • Warranty: 12-year quality and workmanship warranty, 25-year linear power output warranty

  • Certification: TUV, CE

Advantages of 540W Monocrystalline Photovoltaic Panel

  • The most popular solar panel in the market, high power and high efficiency, the best solar panel for ground mount power station.

  • Up to 550W rated power output, effectively reduce LCOE cost, increase power generation and ROI.

  • Excellent module size, the best large size module for container loading and long distance transportation, as well as manual handling and installation.

  • High power and high yield with highest efficiency 182mm half-cut solar cells.

  • 1500Vdc system voltage, one string can connect more modules in parallel, effectively reduce the number of PV cables and inverters.

  • Good operating current, compatible with main inverter.

  • Standard industrial module size, compatible with other brands of modules, more economical to replace and maintain.

  • Outstanding harsh environment durability and anti-aging ability, 25 years high yield generation.

  • TUV Rheinland, CE and INMETRO certifications.

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