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POWER X3.2KW 24H Hybrid Solar Inverter

This is a multi-functional standard solar hybrid inverter that combines the functionality of a hybrid solar inverter system, solar charger and battery charger to provide uninterrupted power support in a portable size. The standard solar hybrid inverter solar inverters' comprehensive LCD display provides user-configurable and easy-to-access button operations such as battery charge current, AC/solar charger priority and acceptable input voltages based on different applications, with support for Bluetooth or WiFi options.

Specification of POWER X3.2KW 24H Hybrid Solar Inverter

Product parameter
Conventional dataD*W*H (mm)348*282*105mm

Net weight (kgs)4.8 kg

Communication interfaceRS485/ RS232 (Standard)

LCD remote/WIFI (O ptional)
OutputOutput voltage (battery mode)230VAC土5%

Surge power6400VA

WaveformPure sine wave

Efficiency (peak) PV toINV97%

Efficiency (peak) BAT to INV94%

Optional voltage range170-280VAC (for personal computers)

90-280VAC (for home appliances)

Frequency range50Hz/60Hz (Auto sensing)
BatteryBattery voltage24VDC

Floating charge voltage27VDC

Overvoltage protection31VDC

Maximum charging current80A

Features of POWER X3.2KW 24H Hybrid Solar Inverter

  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter 

  • WiFi & GPRS available for iOS and Android (optional)

  • Built-in 80A PV solar charging 

  • Harsh environment (optional) built-in anti-dust kit 

  • High PV input voltage range (90 ~ 450VDC) 

  • Intelligent battery charging designed to optimize battery life overload 

  • High temperature, inverter output short circuit, cold start, and other protection features

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