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POWER X5.5KW48H Solar Off Grid Micro Inverter

This is a multi-functional off grid micro inverter/charger that combines the functionality of a solar inverter mppt off grid charger and a battery charger to provide uninterruptible power support in a portable size with a comprehensive LCD display that provides user-configurable and easily accessible button operations such as battery charge current, AC/solar charger priority and acceptable input voltages based on different applications. Contact our POWER X solar inverter factory for more information!

Specification of POWER X5.5KW48H Micro inverter off grid system

Product parameter
Conventional dataD*W*H (mm)472*298*129mm

Net weight (kgs)10 .5 kg

Communication interfaceRS485/ RS232 (Standard)

LCD remote/WIFI (O ptional)
OutputOutput voltage (battery mode)230VAC土5%

Surge power11000VA

WaveformPure sine wave

Efficiency (peak) PV toINV97%

Efficiency (peak) BAT to INV94%

Optional voltage range170-280VAC (for personal computers)

90-280VAC (for home appliances)

Frequency range50Hz/60Hz (Auto sensing)
BatteryBattery voltage48VDC

Floating charge voltage54VDC

Overvoltage protection61VDC

Maximum charging current80A

Off-Grid Micro Inverter Advantages

1. Increased system flexibility: Off-grid microinverters are designed to handle each PV panel separately. This helps in the creation of customized solar systems based on the needs of the off-grid power system.

2. Increased energy production: Each micro off grid power inverter controls the voltage and current of each panel. This results in more energy production as compared to traditional off-grid systems.

3. Shade Tolerance: Off-grid micro-inverters are designed to work with individual solar panels irrespective of shading the surrounding panels. In contrast, traditional inverters shut down the entire string if one panel is shaded.

4. Scalability: As each panel is independent of its own micro-inverter, it makes it easier to install additional panels at later stages of the off-grid system expansion.

5. Greater Efficiency: off-grid micro-inverters provide greater efficiency as the energy production of each solar panel is optimized individually, maximizing performance of each panel.

Off-grid solar micro inverter for home uses

Off-grid solar micro inverters are ideal for home use in remote or off-grid locations where a traditional grid connection is unavailable. These off-grid micro inverters are designed to convert the direct current (DC) produced by solar panels directly into alternating current (AC), allowing for immediate and local use of the solar power generated. The compact and scalable nature of micro inverters makes them suitable for residential applications, especially in off-grid settings, as off-grid micro inverters can be easily deployed to accommodate varying energy requirements.

The inverter system for home use offer several advantages, including enhanced energy capture and conversion efficiency, as each solar panel operates independently, minimizing the impact of shading or panel mismatches. Additionally, the decentralized nature of off-grid micro inverters allows for easy installation, maintenance, and expansion of the solar power system, making them a practical and efficient solution for off-grid home applications.

Features of POWER X5.5KW48H Micro Off Grid Solar Inverter

  • Pure sine wave output 

  • Output power factor of 1.0 

  • Programmable priority supply level for PV, energy storage or electric grid 

  • Adjustable charge current and voltage with a voltage input range of 110AMPPTSCC for PV (120VDC-500VDC) 

  • No battery operation in sunny weather, WiFi monitoring function (optional) 

  • Anti-spam kit for irritating environments (optional) LCD remote control with 5/10/20 m cord (optional) 

  • Photovoltaic energy storage and complementary electric power use

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